“I’m glad that Yuvraj has a daughter because I feel there’s a certain kind of softness that comes when a man becomes a father of a girl” — Hazel
On August 25, cricketer Yuvraj Singh and his spouse, actor Hazel Keech Singh, have been thrilled to share the information of the couple welcoming their second baby, daughter Aura into their lives. She was born in mid July. For the primary time, Hazel shares her ideas on her new child daughter, being pregnant and extra.
The actress instructed Bombay Occasions, “I always wanted Orion to have a sibling. I feel like siblings teach you to share, they teach you about compassion, and they teach you that other people are going to be different from you – bigger, stronger, shorter. They teach you a kind of tolerance that you could only learn at home before you go to school and into the real world. Also, a sibling, whether you get on or not, you kind of always know in the world that you have someone who will be there on your journey with you. I feel blessed to have a boy and a girl. Orion’s the only boy in my family as we are all girls. It’s nice that Orion has a younger sister and I’m glad that Yuvi also has a daughter because I feel there’s a certain kind of softness that comes when a man becomes a father of a girl.”

Hazel Keech Singh and Yuvraj Singh

She elaborated, “I feel very lucky to have been able to have two children. My pregnancy was much easier this time around though recovery is a little slow because now I have a toddler who just learned to walk and now is running everywhere. So, I’m trying to give him as much attention as I can while fulfilling all my newborn duties of feeding and burping and just trying to be as aware and attentive mum as I can.”
The supply occurred in London. Not many knew that Hazel and Yuvraj have been anticipating their second baby so everybody was pleasantly shocked. Talking of protecting it low-key, Hazel added, “I do prefer to keep my private life private. Pregnancy is such a delicate journey for everyone and it’s so personal, you never know what can happen at any stage. I prefer to let my children just be children rather than celebrities from before they’re born. They should have every chance to make mistakes and not have pressure to be a certain way because of the public eye because people are judging them and watching them. We choose to be celebrities. We choose to share our lives with the world, the public and the media. But children don’t have a choice in that. So, Yuvi and I choose to let them just be children.”
yuvraj singh and hazel keech singh

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Singh

Hazel is all praises for Yuvraj. She reveals, “Yuvi is a hands-on father and he’s just amazing with both of our children. He knows how to burp the baby, change nappies, put them to bed, and bathe. Because he travels so much, these small, small things make the bond with him and Orion so strong. So, both my children are daddy’s boy and daddy’s girl. When he leaves the room, Aura starts crying. When I can’t calm her down, Yuvi holds her and she thinks because he’s so tall and strong, he’s like this big mountain of support. They feel so safe and secure in his arms, which makes me fall in love with him all over again. I’m proud of the father he’s become and the man he’s growing into.”
shabnam singh with her son yuvraj singh

Shabnam Singh together with her son Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi is at a stage the place he may give time to his household: Shabnam Singh, Yuvraj’s mother
“I have two sons. I always wanted a daughter. Mujhe laga jaise meri icchha puri ho gayi. I have a granddaughter now. You can dress up little girls in various clothes like lehenga choli, different accessories, something you can’t do with boys. I missed doing all of this when my boys were growing up. I am so happy for Hazel and Yuvraj. I am proud to see Yuvi as a hands-on father who is equally involved in the baby duties – changing diapers etc. I am glad he is at a stage in his life where he can give enough time to his family and see his kids growing up. I remember Sachin Tendulkar saying that he missed out on seeing his children grow as he was constantly travelling and playing cricket at the time. Yuvi has that opportunity so I am happy for him, also daughters always have a special bond with their fathers.”